Directions of work

Creating websites on a 'Turnkey' basis is a whole complex of strategically planned acts



Web design studio Startweb in Manchester city offers you services on creating your own website on a 'Turnkey' basis. We do warrant fair prices and fast result.



Logotype and trademark development, unique product design. Our experience and creativity allow the standard tasks to be solved in a non-standard way.



Both large and small companies do their sales via the Internet. Search positions mean the sales level or representation of your goods in the network.

Website types

Choose a package that suits you:

  • Basic site

  • Bright design (up to 10 pages)
  • Description of activity
  • Service catalogue
  • Gallery
  • Contact information
  • Order basic site
  • Business site

  • Corporate style
  • Informational blocks
  • Management system (CMS)
  • Catalogue having 'Order' button
  • Communication components
  • Order business site
  • Online Store

  • Developing own style
  • Structure adjusting
  • Management system (CMS)
  • Payment system, cart
  • Contact information
  • Order online store

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The web-design studio Startweb offers you the services on creating representation on the Internet.
Each site is a unique product, therefore the strategy of development and client drawing is particular for each project.
Relevant means, effective methods and fast result – these are our main priorities.